Red Admiral Migration

Have you seen a Red Admiral? Please record it!

The Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) is a migratory butterfly colonising Central and Northern Europe every year from the South. In autumn, the offspring of these spring arrivals migrate southwards.

We investigate the migration of the Red Admiral by the help of citizen science. Thanks to the more than 40 citizen science portals across Europe that share their data with us, we are now able to study Red Admiral occurrence in an unprecedented spatio-temporal resolution.

Now we need you to help our project! Please report any records of Red Admirals to your national or regional citizen science portal, such as Ornitho (see list below).

Or, use a mobile app such as NaturaList (for Android) or iObs (for iPhones). They allow you to easily report Red Admirals from anywhere.

Please record date, location and number of individuals seen. Beside that, please also indicate whether you refer to adult butterflies, caterpillars and/or pupae. Please record observations only once, do not report the same observation on different portals.

Every record is valuable! Thanks a lot!

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